June 23-26, 2021. MINSK-ARENA, Minsk, pr-t. Pobediteley 111

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Opening Ceremony

As in the recent years, the MILEX-2019 exhibition again will be held in the exhibition area of the Minsk-Arena multifunctional sport and cultural complex, and all practical demonstrations will be held within the territory of the Stalin Line historical and cultural complex. The ceremonial opening of the exhibition is planned to be held on May 15. The MILEX-2019 military exhibition planned to be held on the 75th anniversary of liberation of Belarus from fascist conquerors will become a kind of the bridge between generations. The exhibition visitors will be able not only to get acquainted with fundamentally new products and advanced high-tech models of weapons and equipment, but also touch the history.

The Stalin Line historical and cultural complex is one of the most significant fortification complexes within the territory of Belarus. It has been created with the support of President of Republic of Belarus and dedicated to the 60th anniversary of victory in Great Patriotic War. The total area of the museum is almost 26 hectares! There you can find the most complete exposition of military equipment, tanks, small arms, artillery arms and aviation within the territory of the Republic of Belarus. 

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