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History of Exhibition

Minsk Exhibition of Defense - 2001

There were 119 participants from 17 countries, who took part in Minsk Exhibition of Defense Industry held in 2001. The way things are going nowadays, it is not much, and however, the project caused a stir. During the course of that exhibition more than 10 thousand visitors got acquainted with the products of 80 companies from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Germany and other countries. The exhibits included samples of armaments and military equipment, communications facilities, equipment simulators, equipage and much more.

The exhibition stand of Monitor Service OAO demonstrating the Stalker 2T advanced reconnaissance vehicle and the Shilka M5 updated air defense gun definitely got everyone's attention.

The Stalker 2T reconnaissance and sabotage vehicle designed by Monitor Service (a Belarusian company) was intended for deep reconnaissance and sabotage operations. It was able to fire accurately, moving at a high speed on areas of rugged terrain. The Stalker was equipped with advanced communications systems, including a satellite communication system and a computer surveillance, aiming and sighting system. That exhibit, which had no analogs at that time, got almost all visitors` attention, including representatives of embassies accredited in Minsk, as well as interested organizations from India, Romania, Czechia, Slovakia, Syria, Jordan and other countries. There was a system called “Alternative” developed by the Peleng company. That system made it possible to complete a radar-location channel of the Shilka air defense gun with an optical aiming system equipped with a laser range finder. The Depot Maintenance Shop No. 140 represented self-manufactured equipment simulators developed by Metapol (Slovakia). Most attention was directed to one of the models exhibited by the Depot Maintenance Shop No. 140, i.e. the LPM2 six-seat forest fire fighting vehicle with high cross-country ability, based on BMP-1.

MILEX - 2003

Exhibition on Arms and Military Machinery  which was the second military exhibition in the history of Belarus was expectant. In comparison with the debut exhibition in 2001, the amount of exhibits had considerably increased, and the exhibition brought some new participating countries. The number of visitors increased by 14 thousand people, and the aggregate amount of participating countries represented at MILEX had increased by 120. At the same time, the number of companies representing more than 2 thousand exhibits had increased by 130, including all leading defense companies of Belarus. The distinctive feature of MILEX-2003 was active participation of Russia. For the first time about 20 Russian defense companies exhibited their state-of-the-art developments in Minsk. However, many of them were manufactured using Belarusian component parts.

Most attention was directed to the Pechora 2M updated air defense missile system developed by Defense Systems Belarusian-Russian Consortium. The unique midrange air defense missile system Buk-M1-2, having no analogs in the world at that time, also was in the spotlight, it was not only able to strike air targets (including stealth aircrafts), but warships as well. Updated tanks and military optics by BelOMO generated great interest among the visitors. The Depot Maintenance Shop No. 140 jointly with Metapol (Slovakia) represented the Cobra-C armored infantry fighting vehicle and the Cobra-K armored personnel carrier awarded with the diplomas for novelty.

For the first time, the International Scientific Conference on Military-Technical, Defense and Security Issues and Dual-Use Technologies was held under the program of the exhibition. There were delegates from 52 countries invited as observers and guests.

MILEX - 2005

Starting from the Third Exhibition on Arms and Military Machinery MILEX-2005, the State Military Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus has become one of the exhibition contractors. Starting from the same year, the State Military Industrial Committee has been organizing and holding the International Scientific Conference on Military-Technical, Defense and Security Issues and Dual-Use Technologies under the program of the MILEX exhibition. In the first year there were 400 experts participating in the exhibition, the aggregate amount of participating enterprises, companies, and organizations from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Finland reached 120. There were more than 20 foreign delegations, including representatives of the People's Liberation Army of China, attended the exhibition as guests. Mikhail Kalashnikov, Doctor of Engineering, President of Russian Union of Armorers was invited to the exhibition as an honored guest.

The distinctive feature of the exhibition of that year was the transition from a static demonstration of exhibits to a practical one. In contrast to the analogous military-industrial exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates or France, the military equipment at exhibitions held in Minsk was at a stop before. In 2005 all guests and participants of MILEX-2005 visited the combined arms training area No. 227 located in Borisov. There, all guests and participants were able to see with their own eyes the practical demonstration of combat capabilities of the Shlem subunit management complex for anti-aircraft gunners (Agat State Scientific-Production Association), the BMP-2 armored infantry fighting vehicle, equipped with the Rubezh-M aiming complex (Peleng OAO), as well as the MZKT -74295 motor-vehicle train coupled to the МZКТ-93783 semitrailer for loading and unloading the Т-72 tanks (Minsk Wheeled Tractor Manufacturing Plant RUE). In addition, combat capacities of the Su-27UBM updated aircraft (558 АРЗ Manufacturing Plant RUE) with striking ground targets using the КАB-500L adjusted aerial bombs and the S-8ОF un-guided missiles. Agat State Scientific-Production Association exhibited the advanced management system for military air forces and air defense troops, as well as the Buk-MB updated air defense missile system. SKB Kameron Unitary Enterprise for the first time demonstrated a dual-system navigation measurement terminal, voice logger and telemetry data recorder, mobile control and correction station.

Computing Machine Research Studies Institute, Integral Scientific-Production Association , Minsk Instrument Making Plant, Agat State Scientific-Production Association, SKB Kameron Unitary Enterprise, Peleg OAO, Display Design Bureau etc. exhibited unique developments in the field of computer technologies and advanced apparatus. Belarusian design engineers demonstrated secure communication systems, systems for aim detecting and tracking, automated troops management systems and onboard computers for different types of military equipment. Protected computers, special-purposed equipment simulators, laser and radar aiming systems and precision weapons have become the most impressive exhibits of high-tech weapons and military equipment.

MILEX - 2007

The success of the previous exhibitions made MILEX one of the largest exhibition platform for demonstration of the recent developments in the field of weapons and military equipment. As a result, the exhibit space for the fourth exhibition held in 2007 in Minsk was significantly increased by the organizers. All exhibits were arranged on a 1500-square meter indoor exhibit space and a 3000-square meter outdoor exhibit space. According to tradition, there were domestic recent developments in the field of updated weapons and military equipment exhibited, moreover, some part of the exhibits were used for the practical demonstration. Delegations from 43 countries became guests and participants of MILEX-2007. There were 139 enterprises, design bureaus and scientific research institutes exhibiting more than 3000 exhibition samples of their products.

The distinctive feature of MILEX-2007 was a wide range of unpiloted and remote-controlled flight vehicles, as well as the Pechora-2М air defense missile system , updated by Defense Systems, a Russian company, jointly with Belarusian enterprises.

One would like to separately emphasize the Vostok one-meter range radiolocation station, exhibited by Radar Design Bureau Unitary Enterprise. That station became the first Belarusian surveillance radar. A considerable interest was directed to the Т-90С fire control system for advanced Russian tanks designed by Peleng (a Belarusian company). Tetrahedron, a Belarusian company, demonstrated the upgradability of the С-125 air defense missile systems up to the level С-125-2Т of Pechora-2Т. Owing to the new guidance system, the system was able to destroy piloted and unpiloted targets flying at a speed of 110 m/s to the range of 36 kilometers at a height of 25 kilometers.

MILEX - 2009

There were 145 participants taking part in the Fifth Exhibition on Arms and Military Machinery MILEX-2009 and exhibiting the recent developments in the field of state defense and national security. Moreover, the exhibition space exceeded 7000 square meters. There were exhibit samples of participating countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, as well as the joint exposition of the allied state (Minsk Scientific Research Institute of Radiomaterials RUE, Rostov Scientific Research Institute of Radiosystems Federal State Unitary Enterprise). More than 4000 exhibits were demonstrated to the guests. The interest to the exhibition was enormous. There were about 70 periodic publications, information agencies, TV and radio channels giving coverage to the exhibition, and 80 informational sites published the information regarding the exhibition.

And once again, the International Scientific Conference on Military-Technical, Defense and Security Issues and Dual-Use Technologies became the most important part of the exhibition program. The State Military Industrial Committee and Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific Sphere acted as the conference organizers. The distinctive feature of the conference was a scientific and technical seminar entitled “Updated electronic component base is a foundation for creation of competitive radioelectronic devices” held under the exhibition on the basis of Minsk Scientific Research Institute of Radiomaterials RUE for the first time.

Amongst all other recent developments of enterprises of the defense sector of the economy, particular attention should be given to exhibits, designed by Display Design Bureau RUE, which created the Adunok model range of remote-controlled observation and fire weapon systems based on machine-guns PKT (Kalashnikov tank machine-gun), NSVT (Nikitin-Sokolov-Volkov tank machine-gun) and grenade launcher AG-17M. Peleng OAO and BelOMO Optical and Mechanical Association (Belarus) represented a broad range of optic and optoelectron devices. Minsk Wheeled Tractor Manufacturing Plant UE exhibited a lot of wheeled tractors and wheel trains intended for varied types of military equipment.

Exhibit samples of the A-3 missile and machine-gun system and the Т38 Stilet air defense missile system produced by Tetrahedron UE were presented for visitors` attention for the first time.

MILEX - 2011

149 organizations, enterprises and educational institutions from 40 countries took part in the MILEX-2011 exhibition. More than 4 thousand exhibits and mask weapons, military equipment and special-purpose machines were exhibited in two indoor exhibition pavilions of the BelExpo exhibition center. The outdoor exhibition areas were used for presentation of exhibits, and the occupation density of the exhibition areas was one and a half times greater than before. The collective exposition of member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the joint exposition of the Russian Federation represented by Rostechnology government owned corporation took the central place at the exhibition. Official delegations from over 20 counties visited the Sixth International Exhibition of Weaponry and Military Equipment.

Most attention of the exhibition visitors was directed to the Karakal powered antitank guided missile system. That fighting vehicle was created by Belarusian companies of the defense industry and intended for destruction of the advanced and perspective tanks, as well as long-term fire-points, light armored vehicles and low-flying helicopters. The displayed exhibits also included the advanced developments of six-generation communications means designed by the Communication and Management Systems holding company, the Vostok mobile two-dimensional solid radiolocation station designed for the range of meter waves, a low-altitude radiolocation station equipped with a circular grating phased-array antenna designed by Radar Design Bureau OAO, the Adunok-M remote-controlled observation and fire weapon systems which were self-manufactured and designed by Display Design Bureau OAO, the МZКТ-69221 special-purpose body chassis that did not exist in the former Soviet Union.

MILEX - 2014

MILEX was held in 2014 for the seventh time. In such a short time the exhibition has become one of the most perspective and significant exhibitions organized in Belarus. Moreover, MILEX has become one of the largest exhibitions in Eastern Europe with respect to the scope of the tasks solved, composition and level of participants, availability of the exhibition infrastructure. Over 170 enterprises, design bureaus, scientific research institutes, higher educational institutions, trade firms and companies, as well as 14 foreign representative offices accredited in the Republic of Belarus took part in the exhibition. About 50 thousand guests and representatives of delegations from 40 countries visited that event. Due to continually growing scale of the exhibition, the organizers had to change the exhibition location. Instead of the BelExpo exhibition center that already had became traditional, the exhibition participants went to Minsk-Arena, a newly-built multi-purpose cultural and sport complex. As a result the indoor exhibition area covered more than 5,000 m2 and the outdoor exhibition area - 8,000 m2. In comparison with 2011, the exhibition space was doubled. Manufacturers from Italy and the People's Republic of China, represented by Aerospace Long-March International Trade Co., Ltd, demonstrated their best achievements at the exhibition.

The entourage of the exhibition reflected the 70th anniversary of liberation from fascist aggressors and the 10th anniversary of founding of the State Military Industrial Committee. According to the idea of the organizers, that year MILEX became a kind of bridge between generations, and the exhibition visitors were able not only to get acquainted with the newest developments of defense companies, but also to appraise the exhibition collection of military equipment of the Great Patriotic War.

In accordance with the plan, the exposition was divided in four sectors: combat geoinformation systems (including unmanned aircraft systems), fi re weapons and combat systems for the Special Operations Forces and the Army, as well as protection systems against precision weapons. MILEX 2014 saw quite wide range of Goscomvoyenprom companies’ production. They displayed over 200 mockups and full-scale specimens of military or dual-use hardware. About 80 Belarusian companies and academic institutions demonstrated their products.

The OKB TSP company demonstrated a new system for special ops: the Bars special-purpose combat vehicle.

In addition, the Lis special armoured vehicle derived from Russia’s Tigr, but equipped with the PKP-PT panoramic plarform-type sight and the Shershen ATGM was unveiled at MILEX 2014.

Amongst the exhibits represented, particular attention should be given to the development of AGAT-Management Systems OAO, a management company of Geoinformation Management Systems Holding Company. The radio relay station (Р‑434 Citrus) is intended for building of a field communication network of armed forces and corresponds to all modern requirements. Besides AGAT-Management Systems OAO, a management company of Geoinformation Management Systems Holding Company, exhibited the Berkut-1 short-range tactic unmanned system and the Berkut-2 shorter-range unmanned aerial systems. 558 Aircraft Repair Plant represented its know-how, the Satellite radiotechnical personal protection vehicle-borne equipment for protection of aircrafts from high-accuracy radio-controlled weapon.

There were 55 contracts signed in the result of meetings and negotiations between leaders of the State Military Industrial Committee and enterprises represented their products at the exhibition. The extraordinary meeting of the Interstate Committee on Military-Economic Cooperation of the Collective Security Treaty Organization for leaders of international units, the meeting of the Business Council of the Interstate Committee on Military-Economic Cooperation of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, a permanent forum for leaders of defense companies from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan, were held under the program of the exhibition.

For the first time, during MILEX-2014 the exhibition opening event was broadcast live, and users from over 100 countries were able to watch video presentations of participating companies in a live television broadcast via online media of the State Military Industrial Committee.

MILEX - 2017

In comparison with the exhibition held in 2001 with 119 participants and more than 10 thousand exhibition visitors, in 2017 the number of exhibitors has already reached 170, more than 50 official delegations from three dozen countries and over 200 delegations of business circles from 48 countries of the world visited the exhibition. The expositions and delegations from the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China were the most presentable. For the first time western European countries (Germany, Slovakia) took part in MILEX. A special exhibition area was dedicated to the CSTO countries.

The overall exhibition area of MILEX-2017 was record-breaking and equal to 37 thousand square meters, which is almost 1.5 times more than in the previous year. The exposition was arranged in two exhibition spaces. One exhibition area was located within the territory of the Minsk-Arena multifunctional cultural and sport complex and the exhibits included samples of the advanced weaponry and military equipment, up-to-date innovative technologies, the best achievements of the domestic military-industrial complex. The other exhibition area was located within the territory of Minsk-1 Airport, where the demonstrations were held and exhibits samples of military equipment adopted by the Belarusian Army were represented. The slogan of MILEX was “Traditions. Innovations. Quality”. In their expositions, the participating enterprises placed the greatest emphasis on the most advanced innovative products. More than 90 of 300 exhibition samples represented by the State Military and Industrial Committee were conceptually new innovative developments. Moreover, the exhibits were operative models of military equipment, but not equipment simulators. Some of them demonstrated their capabilities on the ground and in the air during the ceremonial opening of the exhibition.

Most attention of the exhibition visitors, as expected, was directed to the Polonez multiple rocket launcher system with the shooting range of up to 200 km. That unique system has designed by the Precision Electromechanics Plant on order of the State Military Industrial Committee. The undeniable advantages of the Polonez included high ability of passing through air-defense systems, high-accuracy killing of targets of any aiming point configuration for the specified ranges, as well as availability of combat capabilities for using different types of missiles with varied weapon heads.

Display Design Bureau OAO has designed the ADUNOK automated remotely controlled observation and fire weapon system intended for observation and remote control of fire damage means.

The Cayman armored vehicle designed by Depot Maintenance Shop No. 140 OAO was especially popular among the exhibition guests. During the masterful presentation of the Borisov armored fighting vehicle, the exhibition guests were able to enjoy a practical demonstration of its moving capabilities on an obstructed path of the demonstration area. Owing to two water propellers, the vehicle was able to surmount water obstacles with ease and it can be equipped with three versions of weaponry and military equipment, as well as with the ADUNOK system designed by Display Design Bureau OAO.

The distinctive feature of MILEX-2017 was no lack of unmanned aircrafts. Belarusian enterprises have designed and offered customers a variety of unmanned aircraft systems, among which the most impressive were the Berkut-1 and Mosquito tactic short-range unmanned aircraft systems, the Berkut-2 short-range unmanned aircraft system, the Grif-100 multifunctional unmanned aircraft system with the shooting range of up to 100 km, as well as the BELAR YS-EX medium-altitude unmanned aircraft with an extended duration of the flight designed by AviaTechSystems OOO.

The electronic warfare (EW) is a key element of the contemporary armed confrontation, which is able to change greatly the balance of powers on the battlefield. And due to the rapid development of unmanned aircrafts, the real question concerns how to combat against such military equipment. Amongst all systems and means of EW represented by Radar Design Bureau OAO, a management company of the Radar Ranging Systems holding company, most attention was directed to two newest developments: the Groza-C EW station equipped with an unmanned aircraft and the Groza-P radioelectronic gun for fighting against multicopters.

CSTO Events

The meetings of the Business Council under the Interstate Committee on Military and Economic Cooperation of the CSTO with the participation of Deputy Secretary General of the CSTO and representatives of the CSTO member states from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Russia and Tajikistan held were held in the course of MILEX-2017. The role and place of the Business Council in the feasible directions for the development of interaction between military-industrial complexes of the CSTO member states and the Coordinating Council on Advertising and Exhibition Activity of the CSTO member states were discusses at the meetings.

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