8-я международная научная конференция



It is also planned to hold the 8th International Scientific Conference on Military-Technical, Defense and Security Issues and Dual-Use Technologies “MILEX INNOVATIONS-2019” within the framework of the exhibition. 

The organizer of the conference is the State Military Industrial Committee; under the auspices of: State Secretariat of the Security Council, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Education, Emergency Control Ministry, State Committee on Science and Technology, Belarusian National Academy of Sciences, Committee for State Security, State Customs Committee, Minsk City Executive Committee.

The goals of the conference:

  • Discussion of problems related to research-and-development activities for creation and development of advanced technologies and materials, equipment and apparatus in the field of defense, security and dual use technologies;
  • Determination of development trends and strengthening of knowledge-intensive production, increasing of the scientific and technical potential of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Making suggestions on development and enhancement of military, technical and scientific cooperation, determination of mechanisms for integration and cooperation with the countries of near and far abroad.
  • The directions and problems to be discussed at the conference:
  • Modern electronic components for radioelectronic devices;
  • Geoinformation control systems, automated control systems for troops and weapons;
  • Control and measuring instruments and testing apparatus and equipment, special information systems;
  • Comprehensive counteracting systems against precision weapons, EW systems and means for radio, radiotechnical and radar surveillance;
  • Mobile equipment for military hardware;
  • Radiocommunication means and systems;
  • Updating, repairing and recycling of weaponry and military equipment;
  • Development of the cooperation and integration interaction between enterprises and organizations of defense industries of the CSTO member states;
  • The current state and topical issues of improvement of military and dual use radioelectronic facilities;
  • Modern trends of military medicine and pharmacology;
  • Modern approaches to cyber security and personal data protection;
  • Biometry, blockchain;
  • Robotized systems and artificial brain – threat, problems and perspective application;
  • “Soldier of the Future” - personal protection systems, exoskeletons;
  • Exhibition of start-up projects in the framework of the main exposition of MILEX-2019.

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