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15-18 мая, 2019 МКСК «МИНСК-АРЕНА» Минск, пр-т. Победителей, 111


Страна:  Serbia
Адрес:  Bulevar umetnosti 2, 11170 Beograd,
Телефон:  +381113117462
E-mail:  fdsp@eunet.rs
Сайт:  http://www.yugoimport.com/
The YUGOIMPORT-SDPR is a state-owned company fully authorised to deal in foreign trade in field of defence. Owing to its 70-year long experience gained through its continuous presence on the international defense market, Yugoimport-SDPR represents a proven and reliable partner.

 Yugoimport-SDPR’s business policy is oriented towards three primary missions:
  • Integration of marketing and commercial activities of Serbian defence industry in the global defence market
  • Development and production of complex combat systems as the System Integrator
  • Import of defence equipment for Ministry of Defense and government institutions of the Republic of Serbia

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