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EDePro Company

EDePro Company
Страна:  Republic of Serbia
Адрес:  Kralja Milutina 33, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Телефон:  +381 11 4096265 / +381 11 13629554
E-mail:  info@edepro.com
Сайт:  http://www.edepro.com/
The Company EdePro (Engine Development and Production) has a long tradition in the development and design of turbojet engines and rocket motors. Nowadays EdePro has grown into a successful, internationally renowned Company engaged in the research, production and trade of the new defense equipment and modernization of the existing munitions, as well as in the application of high-tech solutions in hailstorm defense and other civilian applications.

The strategic commitments of EdePro are:
  • Research and development in the field of jet propuision, based onairbreathing engines and solid rocket motors;
  • Design and production of expendable turbojet, turboshaft and turboprop engines for various kind of aerial vehicles;
  • Production of Guidance & Navigation Control Systems (GNC);
  • Development, design and production of unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • Development, design and production of modern munitions and weapon systems and defense equipment;
  • Overhaul and modernizationof the artillery, air to air and air defense systems;
  • Various training programs, expert, specialist, and scientific cources in the areas of the Company's expertise and transfer of different own developed technologies.

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