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15-18 мая, 2019 МКСК «МИНСК-АРЕНА» Минск, пр-т. Победителей, 111


Страна:  Italy
Адрес:  Via Porton, 5 – Rivoli Veronese (Verona) ITALY
Телефон:  +390456269400 / +390456269411
E-mail:  cristanini@cristanini.it
Сайт:  http://www.cristanini.it
Since 1972, Cristanini has been creating and manufacturing innovative top-quality solutions that, today, enjoy a widespread appreciation and worldwide recognition. Our extensive range of products, for civilian/industrial, military and fire-fighting sectors reaches unprecedented technological sophistication and adaptability. Cristanini is currently the market leader in the production of systems, products and accessories for CBRN decontamination and detoxification.  Cristanini systems are reliable, ruggedized and simple.  Cristanini is NATO constructor A5009 since 1987, it has ISO 9001:2015 company quality system and, above all, is AQAP 2110 product quality certified. 

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