The main thematic content of the 8th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery “MILEX-2017”:

  • -      Armored machinery.
  • -      Missile, artillery and shooting arms.
  • -      Short- and medium-range air defense systems.
  • -      Hi-tech equipment and systems.
  • -      Ammunition, special chemistry, ground measuring equipment.
  • -      Optic-electronic equipment and systems.
  • -      Safety methods and security facilities (radiation and chemical protection, biological shielding).
  • -      Technical means and systems provided for armies.
  • -      Information systems and systems for information protection.
  • -      Transport means: automobiles and tractors.
  • -      Aviation, rocket and extraterrestrial complexes. Aerospace technologies.
  • -      Aircraft navigation complexes and automatic control systems.
  • -      Technologies and technical equipment of double application.
  • -      Road, building, loading means and mechanisms.
  • -      Modernization and repair of military machinery and arms.
  • -      Equipment and technologies for utilization of armament, military machinery and ammunition.
  • -      Military establishments of higher education and military training establishments.
  • -      Equipment for salvage operations in the conditions of natural calamities and emergency situations, fire-extinguishing equipment and means.
  • -      Military research basis.
  • -      Military medicine.
  • -      Ammunition, clothes and special accessories
  • -      Individual armored equipment.

 Aims of the exposition - wide presentation of the production range of Belarus defense industry,  acquaintance with the latest developments in the field of high technologies, demonstration of companies capacities,  involved in upgrading and  repair of military equipment and rendering various services to the Armed Forces.


APPLICATION FORM for manufacturing of nominal admissions (Appendix 4).

If your company is not a resident of the Republic of Belarus, please fill in the  application form on participation in the exhibition and pay in EUROor application form on participation in the exhibition and pay in USD.

Contract-application form for participation in the exhibition "MILEX-2017" (EUR)

Contract-application form for participation in the exhibition "MILEX-2017" (USD)

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Plan of the stand (Appendix 5)